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History Seminar Room

Gilman Hall

Graduate Study at Johns Hopkins

Previous Courses

Taking Graduate Fields

Professor Larson supervises students in many areas of specialization, including: 

African History

French Empire

Indian Ocean History

Slavery and Slave Trades (Atlantic, Mediterranean, Indian Ocean)

Literacy and Christianity

Students in the Johns Hopkins graduate program work on all regions of Africa and on a variety of themes.  They enjoy a close working relationship with their advisors and with other faculty members.

For those interested in African History, relevant faculty in addition to Professor Larson include Bruce Hall (History), Randy Packard (History of Medicine), Jane Guyer (Anthropology), Juan Obarrio (Anthropology), Siba Grovogui (Political Science), Lori Leonard (Public Health and Anthropology), and, depending on interests, Todd Shepard (History, French Algeria), and Marina Rustow (Fatimid Egypt, Medieval Jewish History).  Professor Sara Berry has retired from the history department, but remains active around Johns Hopkins; upon request, she may be willing to work with students on graduate fields or to serve as a member of a dissertation committee.  Students pursuing a Ph.D. in African History should apply to work with Professor Pier Larson and/or Professor Bruce Hall.

History faculty complementing Professor Larson with research specialties in French empire include Bruce Hall, Michael Kwass, and Todd Shepard.  Additional resources include faculty in the Department of German and Romance Languages and Literature and in the Department of Political Science, especially Siba Grovogui and Nicolas Jabko.

Professor Larson works with many students studying slavery, slave trades, and African diasporic communities, including those with interests in the Atlantic.  Related faculty in History include Bruce Hall, Philip Morgan, Ben Vinson, and Franklin Knight.  In Political Science, Michael Hanchard sometimes works with Professor Larson's students.

Students interested in applying to the Ph.D. program in History at Johns Hopkins should contact Professor Larson and will find application information here.


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