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Field Reading List and Book

Graduate Fields

Previous Courses

Graduate Study at Johns Hopkins

Fields of study are at the core of a graduate student's first two years in the History Department at Johns Hopkins University.  Four fields of study, typically pursued with four different professors, are required of all students in the Ph.D. program.

Students and their chosen faculty tutors together determine what the specific content of the required fields is.  

Professor Larson administers graduate fields to students in the History Department and in other departments at Johns Hopkins University.  He typically requires students to participate in one of his graduate seminars and to complete a set of readings selected with the research and future teaching interests of the student in mind.  Among the fields Professor Larson has recently administered are:

East African History
South African History
Colonial African History

Early African History
French African Empire

French Indian Ocean Empire

French Global Empire
Decolonization and Nationalism in Africa
Indian Ocean History
Comparative African Slavery
Africa and the Transatlantic Slave Trade

Slavery and Slave Trade in the Indian Ocean

Africa and Slaving

African Christianity
Ethnicity in Africa

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